The Graphic Print Pillows from Vitra feature expressive motifs by this mid-century designer, providing striking accents for diverse interior styles. Designed by Alexander Girard.

In 1957, Alexander Girard designed the interior of the legendary Miller House and decorated the so-called ‘conversation pit’ in the living room with specially embroidered pillow covers. The Embroidered Pillows feature motifs from the vast store of graphic images by Girard.

The Herringbone Pillows created by Raw-Edges exude a cheerful freshness thanks to a use of clear colours and captivating patterns, which have a distinctly geometric look despite their handcrafted origins. The intersecting and overlapping bands of varying colour intensity were achieved through multiple immersions in different coloured dyes, with the final result serving as an exact template for the printed pattern of the Herringbone Pillows.

Vitra Eames ‘Dot Pattern’ Wool Blanket was created in 1947 in conjunction with an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The pattern is a large-scale graphic composition made up of crosses and dots, thereby referencing the abstract paintings by Ray Eames from the 1930s. Which then brought the Vitra Eames wool blanket in a variety of colours.

Four contrasting colour blocks form the decorative overall pattern of the Colour Block Blankets by Hella Jongerius by Vitra. This snug blanket is made of Peruvian highland wool from a hybrid breed of sheep: a cross between a Merino, whose wool is extremely soft, and a Corriedale, which is known for its sturdy fibres.