Davy Table by Michel Charlot – Vitra

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Davy Table Michel Charlot, 2014

The Davy Table is a robust new design for outdoor use. Its construction is composed of anodised aluminium sheeting and aluminium tubing, making it lightweight while also giving it a high degree of strength and rigidity.
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Davy Table Michel Charlot, 2014

 The table has a punched hole in the middle of the top to accommodate a sun umbrella.

Bistro tables usually have only one central leg. Michel Charlot has opted for four legs: A ploy hinting at Hans Coray’s design. His drawing shows four bent L-shaped aluminium profile legs. It was visible in the first models when sitting at the table. however, the designer has reshaped the bracket in several steps to make it invisible from the top. The table can be mounted in five minutes, and only four screws need to be tightened. This appeals to the designer: ‘In this way, my work has influenced the re-birth of the classic chair.’The ribbing within these profiles gives the legs increased stiffness. ‘No-one else makes aluminium tables, people usually use steel’, says Michel Charlot. They are too light, they are not stable enough and too expensive. The use of such a thin sheet of aluminium called for a number of strain tests to see where forces occur. People need to be able to lean on the edge of the table without the table tipping over. The chair and the table are to be the same colour. 

Davy Table Fact Sheet 


Davy Table by Michel Charlot – Vitra

* Table top: aluminium sheeting with punchedhole in centre, matte anodised aluminium.
*Leg mounts: die-cast zinc, powder-coated in light grey. Plastic plugs for stacking protection made of light grey TPE.
*Base: table legs made of bent aluminium tubing, matte anodised surface finish.
*Glides: glides in light grey injection-moulded TPE.
*Applications: suitable for outdoor use.


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