More Designer Homeschool Inspiration

Conceived by Verner Panton in 1960 the Panton chair is an icon of twentieth-century design. It has received numerous international design awards and is present in the collections of many museums. It is available in a range of exciting colours. Identical to the original in terms of material and shape, the children’s version is approximately 25 percent smaller than the full-size Panton Chair. This makes Panton Junior an ideal chair for children of nursery and primary school age.

The Amoebe chair by Verner Panton is characterised by its organic shape and the wide variety of bold colours available for the cover fabric. The soft upholstery encourages the user to literally curl up and relax in its comfortable contours. Amoebe was designed by Verner Panton in 1970 for his famous Visiona installation, which included several versions of this lounge piece.It embodies the exuberant spirit of the early 1970s. Thanks to its upholstered surfaces and the flexible back shell, Amoebe offers a high level of comfort.  Amobe is produced by Vitra to original designer specifications, all royalties are paid over to the Panton foundation and family.

Four contrasting colour blocks form the decorative overall pattern of the Colour Block Blankets by Hella Jongerius.  Jongerius has been the Art Director for colours and materials at Vitra for many years and has developed the Vitra Colour & Material Library – a system that enables the versatile combination of different materials and colours throughout the extensive Vitra product collection. This snug blanket is made of Peruvian highland wool from a hybrid breed of sheep: a cross between a Merino, whose wool is extremely soft, and a Corriedale, which is known for its sturdy fibres.

The Zoo Timer wall clocks designed in 1965 by George Nelson are colourfully hand-drawn characters from the animal kingdom, offering children a playful and enjoyable approach to telling the time. Produced by Vitra and available for order through Cube. We have 2 left in stock, grab one today, they are the perfect gift for baby showers or children’s birthdays!

The brightly coloured Hang it all coat rack are aimed at encouraging children to literally hang up all their things. This practical and aesthetically pleasing piece is the perfect addition to any children’s space. The original colour composition of Hang it all was conceived by Ray Eames in 1953. To celebrate her 100th birthday in December 2012, Vitra together with the Eames Office developed three versions of the coat rack in the fresh tones red, green and white.

This elegant, practical clean line wall mounted shelf is perfect for any room. Designed in 1936 and available in two depths and in natural, black or white birch it displays designer Alvar Aalto’s affinity with natural materials. Wall shelf 112 is produced by award winning finish brand Artek to original designer specifications, all royalties are paid over to the Aalto foundation and family.

Kids chair

The Aalto Table conveys a relaxed familiarity. Whether used for dining, working, or playing, the table retains its character while offering endless possibilities. Given the tables height and robustness, it makes the perfect addition to a child’s creative space. Artek produces the Aalto table with Finnish birch which boasts a natural beauty and radiates warmth; environmentally friendly, it will age gracefully over time. Truly a piece that will serve you for a lifetime.

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