“Dining is and always will be a great artistic opportunity”- Frank Lloyd Wright

Fruit Bowl No.11, seemingly fragile, is a deconstructed micro architectural system. The components, a painted iron structure and four wooden segments that never touch one another, create plays of light and shadow. The object is a little domestic altar and presents itself as an upside-down geometric shape ready and waiting to accommodate the needs of the user.

Panarea is a candle holder that with its lightness, simplicity and intelligent design makes the most of the materials and technology used to make it. A Pyrex cylinder that contains the candle and protects the flame I inserted into a bent sheet of steel.

Pedestal Vase is a series of miniature vases. The archetypal porcelain vase is placed on a pedestal that has the double function of also containing the cylinder that holds the water. The exaggerated relationship between the base, available in either wood or marble and similar in shape to the plinths in classical sculpture, and the little porcelain vase create a hyperbolic hybrid of scale and form.

The Sula pitcher is perfect for serving water at the table or in the office, in line with the values of environmental sustainability. The wide mouth allows the insertion of ice cubes, mint leaves or lemon slices to flavour your water, while ceramic is the ideal material to maintain the temperature of the liquid inside.

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