Free from existing conventions, VERTO was developed in collaboration with Naoto Fukasawa. The light had been designed for use over two workstations an is making consistent use of LED.

VERTO-10 directs the light onto the work surfaces in multiple ways by way of a mirror grid. This makes VERTO-10 one of the most energy-efficient floor lamps on the market. It requires only 55W to illuminate a dual workstation. The reflector’s partial transparency admits light to the ceiling, which makes the room lighter. VERTO-10 is used when energy efficiency is of primary importance, rooms are high and without reflection, or indirect lighting is already available. The Multisens daylight and motion sensor yields additional energy savings of up to 80%.

In addition to direct light for dual workstations, VERTO-12 also has a powerful and wide beam of indirect light. Both the lighting quantity and the whiteness of the direct light can be adjusted, helping to individualise the workstation. For indirect light, this feature was deliberately left out. In standard mode, this is always activated, creating uniform lighting throughout the room. VERTO-12 is used in places where basic lighting is to be provided by VERTO and a reflective ceiling is available.

Due to the use of high-quality LEDs, maintenance is minimal and energy efficiency is high. Electronic luminous flux adjustment and physical separation of the light unit and the electronics guarantee a lifecycle of at least 50,000 hours. Onsite replacement and backfitting of the light technology is guaranteed. Weighing 7.5 kg, the VERTO is very mobile and is supplied as a fully assembled product, so it doesn’t require elaborate mounting. The lamp head is made of cast aluminium, the reflector of aluminium-anodised polycarbonate. The floor lamps and wall lamps are available in black, white and silver.

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Price Range: R 31 000.00 to R 40 000.00
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1870 x 503 x 401 mm

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