he O-LITE wall/ceiling light fixtures consists of several layered dispersing diffusing and light-directing shells, emitting a brilliant, widely-diffused light with reduced glare. O-LITE can be used indoors and outdoors (IP54). The casing of O-LITE is made of acrylic glass and polycarbonate and is prepared for feed-through wiring.

O-LITE is reminiscent of a car headlight from the seventies. In the design process just these glasses were experimented with to achieve optimum light deflection and freedom from glare. The aim of the designer was to develop dematerialised light or a luminous body which emits high quality merely through the wall thickness.

O-LITE is a compact wall and ceiling light suitable for universal use, whose structure and form corresponds to the clarity of its light. The layering of numerous diffusers and light-guiding shells produces a brilliant, optimally-dispersed light with reduced glare. O-LITE can be used both inside and outside (IP54). A round T5/22 W fluorescent lamp with electronic ballast ensures energy-saving efficiency.

Material usage is kept to a bare minimum: light guidance, glare elimination, protection of the high-quality electronics, and durable functionality. The O-LITE casing is made of robust acrylic glass and polycarbonate. O-LITE is extremely easy to mount and is ready-prepared for easy-to-install series assembly. For use in public and semi-public areas the light can be closed by a screw to prevent easy opening. O-LITE is extremely well sealed and when the light is operating, the heat produces a negative pressure is produced so that the light can only be opened with difficulty. The pressure is automatically relieved by unlocking the front cover. A drilling template is included with the packaging for each installation.

O-LITE is available as a dimmable version and with an emergency light element. In addition, O-LITE can be used as a semi-built-in light by means of a potted casing in walls and ceilings made of concrete.

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