The search for quality, originality and determination to retain its free spirit are the common denominators between the three generations responsible for creating and evolving the Gandiablasco company.


What good is it to have reached a hundred countries, have showrooms scattered across the globe if when you look in the mirror you cannot see where you came from? Gandiablasco reinvented itself after a journey lasting four decades (from the early 40s to the late 80s) in the manufacture and export of high quality contemporary design blankets; at that time it was a risky venture.

True to its origins the company created several lines of home textiles, as well as designing carpets through the Gan brand. The emphasis was on nding a new and personal language through good design. In the mid 90s quite unexpectedly the Gandiablasco company debuted in the eld of outdoor furniture with Na Xemena, a small collection that surprised everyone. Nobody got it! But it was a matter of perseverance, and persevering.

These facts provided the catalyst for a new destiny: elements that proved to be a milestone within the habitat sector, rugs that broke the mould, furniture that erased the boundaries between inside and outside.